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When it comes down to bongs, size and shape can make a huge difference. One day you might smoke from a beaker-shaped bong and the next a straight-tube percolator. Different builds of water-chambers can also produce different highs. So daily users should definitely switch it to avoid feeling stagnant. Styled on classic scientific beakers, beaker bongs have wide bases and narrow water pipes. As with any purchase you make, you should consider your budget. Within our collection, you’ll find a wide range of bongs at varied prices with different features including percolators and a variety of smoking accessories.

They are individual pieces of art, statement pieces, and conversation starters. Bongs allows you to have fun. Enjoy a better smoking and express your individuality. Hemper sells some of the best-selling bongs and waterpipes. We even offer our own line bongs. Choose a pipe that you enjoy. When you order a bong through you are purchasing from the oldest headshop online.

StayLit Design’s Ghost Glass bong was created in the dark and frightening hands of an LA Bong Master. This borosilicate glasses bong is decorated by ghosts, because the veil that evening was thin. They look innocent enough until they turn off the lights. Clean this 16-inch bong with water or rubbing alcohol to ensure longevity and a high-quality smoking experience. StayLit Design’s custom bongs are available in a variety of styles, including aliens and fields of flowers. Choose your favorite item or create a collection that perfectly reflects you.

Also known as round-base bongs, these pieces are anchored by a large « bubble » or sphere-shaped base. The chamber is large enough how to use dab vape pen hold plenty of water, allowing for a cool, smooth taste. The beaker bong has a flared base that resembles both a test tube and a science flask. People prefer beaker bongs because of their stability, and also their ability for holding more smoke. Acrylic Bongs made from plastic are not environmentally friendly, and they are also light on your pocket. There is always a residue left in acrylic bongs, making them less than ideal over a longer period of time.

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